“Richness Multiplies as You Share!” Exhibition at the Museum of Troy

“Richness Multiplies as You Share!” Exhibition at the Museum of Troy
05/09/2021    |    Events    |    Exhibition

“Richness Multiplies as You Share!” Exhibition at the Museum of Troy

Shedding light on the 15-year story of Respect to History, the social responsibility project of OPET since 2006, the “Richness Multiplies as You Share!” exhibition opened at the Museum of Troy on September 4. The story of the OPET Respect to History project, which started in Gallipoli and continued in the ancient land of Troy in 2018, meets the visitors in the magical atmosphere of the Museum of Troy. The exhibition, which will last for two months, will also be the scene of different cultural events.

The “OPET Respect to History Project” is initiated with an innovative social responsibility approach that combines both physical renewal and social transformation to preserve the richness of our lands, transferring them to future generations and promoting them at national and international levels. For a multi-layered development in economic, social and cultural aspects, this unique model focused on cooperation, sharing and development that functions by including the residents of the region, official institutions and non-governmental organizations in the decision-making processes and reuniting them around our cultural heritage.

The OPET Respect to History Project started in 2006 on the Gallipoli peninsula, in Çanakkale, which hosts various richnesses of our cultural heritage. Alçıtepe, Seddülbahir, Bigali, Kilitbahir, Kocadere, Behramlı, Büyük and Küçük Anafarta villages and Eceabat district, 57th Infantry Regiment Martyrdom and Akbaş Martyrdom were rehabilitated within the scope of the project. In addition, the OPET Respect to History Park, which is an open-air museum, was realized in Eceabat.

On the occasion of the "2018 Year of Troy", OPET "Respect to History Project" is moved to the Troas region of Çanakkale. In order to share and increase the cultural richness of Troy, which is a world heritage, the villages of the "Last Trojans", who live in the region and have thousands of years of cultural history, were given a brand-new face.

Tevfikiye Village, located in the National Park of Troy, has been renewed, changed, and transformed with concepts inspired by the richness of the cultural heritage of the Troy region. The Tevfikiye Archaeo-Village and Çıplak Ethno-Village projects, implemented with the active participation of the villagers, aimed to expand the values represented by the Archaeological Site and the Museum by combining it with the rural heritage of the people living on these lands, to enrich them by reliving and sharing them. The physical and social transformation realized in the villages carried the strong impact of the Troy Museum beyond its walls, bringing Troy to today through the living culture of the people of the region.

The OPET Respect to History Project, which focuses on the two historical struggles to defend these lands, the Dardanelles Wars, and the Trojan War, in the light of our cultural heritage, aimed to establish the awareness that historical and cultural richness increase by sharing.