Tuğba Elmacı

Tuğba was born in 1981 in Ankara. Since 2006 she lives and works in Çanakkale.

Marshall Mc Luhan said “Medium is the message” in his text named Gutenberg Galaxy half a century ago and since then the power of the mass media on the inducement of human perception has doubled. According to Jean Baudrillard’s observations of the world of communications, who is an another philosopher and affected from McLuhan, we went beyond the medium and we lost our reference for the world and therefore reality lose touch with itself and left alone in the universe of hyperreality which is empty. The reality of people who are escaping from the death by leaving their home but unfortunately facing death wherever they go during the last five years, turning into a hyper-reality for us who are sitting in our sterile room and we are normalizing this depleted and lost meaning with the spell of the high resolution. While breaking this spell with tingling, this work wants to present a context for essence of the video history and replace the Mcluhan’s message in the universe of reality once again.