Tunca Subaşı

Tunca was born in 1982 in Izmir. Lives and works in Istanbul.

Untitled, 2011:
The work of Tunca Subaşı presented on this occasion, is
from among his series titled Residue, and is a painting
from his exhibition held under the same name. The artist
reinterprets and takes as evidence, residue, the data he
discovers as a result of the research he conducts for
this study on historical incidents. Subaşı’s interpretation
relates to Walter Benjamin’s ‘jetzt-zeit (now time)’
concept. While Benjamin uses this concept under the
meaning “time filled with now”, Tunca Subaşı underlining
that an image belonging to the past also constitutes a
moment of experience for today, fills history and time
with ‘now’ and integrates them with each other. On the
other hand this integration also confronts us with space
and time purified from history.

Rampart, 2014:
With the firebrick wall he puts up in the exhibition hall,
Tunca Subaşı intends to reshape the space and to add
an identity to it. In addition to a firebrick he brought from
the Auschwitz-Birkenau German Nazi Concentration and
Extermination Camp (1940-1945), he also imbeds into
the wall rare firebricks that are products of old Greek and
Armenian brick factories in Çanakkale, which have their
own brand imprinted on them and no longer produced.
Through his work, the artist establishes a fate bond
between Çanakkale that has experienced one of the
toughest and bloodiest wars of the First World War, and
Auschwitz that has witnessed one of the most tragic war
crimes of the world history during the Second World War.