Viron Erol Vert

Viron was born in 1975 in Germany. Lives and works Istanbul and Berlin.

The oil painting depicting Wilhelm II., the German Emperor, dressed in an Ottoman soldier’s uniform, painted by Max
Fleck in 1916, was thought as a present for Sultan Mehmet V., in memory of the visit of the Emperor to İstanbul with
the intention of providing support for his allies during the fiercest days of the First World War. Due to the delay in its
transportation by railway and the ongoing war, it was neither delivered to its address, nor returned. The painting, is still
hanging on the walls of the official reception room of the German Consulate General. With this work Viron Erol Vert,
reminds us about the Alliance represented by this painting, which has never been delivered, and about he catastrophes
endured after the termination of this jointly attended war. The artist reinterprets the piece by using contemporary
techniques of optical codes and transforms this oil painting into a photograph. This process of deconstruction allows
the viewer to find a similarity between both the destruction and reconstruction caused by the war.