Yeni Anıt

Ferhat Kamil Satıcı, founder of the “Yeni Anıt” as
a brand of artproject was borned in 1973 in Kilis,

About the work of
Öktem’s Nightmare: Dignity of the Digging
by Yeni Anıt:

Yeni Anıt’s work, “Oktem’s Nightmare: Dignity of the Digging”
which is focused on the professional honor and the official history,
is coming up for the memorial history and the monumental past
review, as a work of social engineering in Turkey. It’s trying to decode
the historical narrative channels in our lands by collating with the
traumatic positions in today’s Turkey.

Yeni Anıt builds up his work on the locally mythed-image of Kanlı
Sırt, Mehmetçiğe Saygı Anıtı (1997) by Tankut Oktem, which is
one of the many sculpture that regenerate the Canakkale Wars. By
replacing the wounded Anzac soldier by a worker, and the Ottoman
soldier who carry him by an engineer, he symbolizes the work
accidents as the early signs of a fast and off-hand structuring and the
contraventions of the work ethics as the imposition of the economic
conditions; against the all peripheral and forward-looking results of a
restructuring activity.

An open space and the public memory, which is the biggest factor in
a monument-maker’s design, in addition to a permanent image of
a monument as physical, also bring the fact that the spread of it by
means of medias (photography and video) to an important point.
Yeni Anıt is playing with the permanent images of the public memory
by using the media in privatized public areas and temporarily-edited
commercial aesthetics.

The concept of righteousness / honesty depicts a dystopian spring leisure activity in the stifling
environment of the history-reviving society models and the tradition invented in these soils
where sociality and modernity has been redefined.