20/06/2016    |    Events    |    Exhibition


"On the Road/Unterwegs", a video kiosk Project that can be displayed in the public space with the theme of migration between Turkey and Switzerland, came to Çanakkale as part of the parallel program of the Çanakkale Biennial, after travelling Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. The project, which was exhibited in front of Türkan Saylan Social Facilities between 14-19 June 2016, was realized with the support of the Swiss Consulate General in Istanbul.

“Wir können in der Heimat in den Flieger steigen ve üç bin kilometre sonra evimize kavuşuruz" (We will get on the plane to our country and reach our home after three thousand kilometers, AY YILDIZ, 2011.)

Portable kiosk with video portraits of four women, five men and a married couple; reflects the experiences of these people in two different cultures. They live in Switzerland and Turkey, grew up in both countries, went to school and work here and there.

This way of life determines their daily lives and thoughts. The life stories of eleven characters are surprisingly cool and at the same time offer a creative perspective on immigration. When immigrants think about their life experiences, they naturally feel like they belong to more than one culture. Curator Gaby Fierz explores how existing new identities are shaped on the road between these two countries. It is clear that these people, who tell their life stories, are interested in more than one cultural translation activity. A new sense of identity valid for the majority of the public is clearly expressed in video portraits.

On the Road / Unterwegs Association's portable kiosk designed to be exhibited in the public space is exhibited in different cities of Turkey and Switzerland in 2016.

For more information on the process, purpose and research of the Yolda project, you can refer to Yolda Magazine and the following website: www.yoldayolda.com