Izmir - Çanakkale Urban Ecology Tours

15/09/2020 15/09/2021 https://www.canakkalebienali.com/kent-ekolojisi/

“Urban Ecology Tours”, that aims to look at the cultural heritage of Izmir and Çanakkale through their ecology and flora, is part of the projects and events program of the 7th Çanakkale Biennial, titled “Constellation”, spreading over six months and bringing forward its interactions and collaborations.

The project, implemented by photographer Tarık Gök in partnership with CABININ (Çanakkale Biennial Initiative), focuses on the monumental trees of these two maritime trade cities, their flora reflecting their historical depth, and their ecological memory that continues to exist within the urban fabric or has taken place in the city's memory. It aims to share a rich experience-oriented content through routes, audio narratives and videos that users from Izmir and Çanakkale can experience online. Urban Ecology Tours are carried out with the audio-visual recordings of Tarık Gök, under the consultancy of experts and researchers from the disciplines of urban history, ecology, architecture and design from İzmir and Çanakkale.