Izmir and Çanakkale / Co-Thinking on Reminiscences of Contemporary Art

30/09/2020 10/12/2020

PortIzmir and Çanakkale Biennial, in addition to sharing the same geography, are also joined in with their sensitivities on contemporary art, their participatory and horizontal organization models based on civil society, and the dynamism they create at the city scale. These two deep-rooted periodical event further unite in their search of a model that will make the art memory they have created for their cities visible; that will bring in the view their know-how in contemporary art in a sustainable and permanent structure; that will inform and involve public authorities, private sector and other arts institutions in the process; that will reconsider the theories and practices on museology in the light of their specific needs and objectives. K2 Contemporary Art Association and Çanakkale Biennial Initiative CABININ, which have strengthened their cooperation within the scope of different projects in recent years, are bringing to life the first step of Co-Thinking on Reminiscences of Contemporary Art with the support of Spaces of Culture.

With a month-long programming comprising of exhibitions bringing out selections from the artworks inspired by these cities and produced within the scope of the Portİzmir and Çanakkale Biennials, as well as interviews and panels that bring together different institutions and experts of the field, the aim is to create an inspiring context about the sustainability of the reminiscences of the contemporary art practices. In the context of the current pandemic conditions, as well as under the effect of the earthquake that occurred in Izmir recently all exhibitions and panels will be organised online.