NEW NEIGHBOURS Çanakkale Cultural Actors Network

01/10/2022 25/07/2023

NEW NEIGHBOURS Çanakkale Cultural Actors Network is a research project aiming at the communication and cooperation of active experts and professionals from the culture industry (creative industries) who have settled in the city centre and rural areas of Çanakkale in recent years. With the idea that creative individuals will make significant contributions to the development of Çanakkale's potential as a unique cultural city in the Mediterranean cultural ecosystem, we aim to recognise and introduce creative individuals who play a role with their expertise and skills in different stages of today's culture and arts production such as designers, culture and arts managers, translators, producers, directors, editors, academics, as well as artists producing in different art disciplines. Through field visits to different districts of Çanakkale and meetings with wide participation, we are creating a New Neighbours map that brings together everyone we can contact in this process and operates on the axis of communication and cooperation.

If you would like to be a part of this network, you can contact us or drop by MAHAL at any time.

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