NEW NEIGHBOURS The Çanakkale Cultural Actors Network

15/09/2022 15/06/2023

NEW NEIGHBOURS The Çanakkale Cultural Actors Network is an infrastructure development project in the field of culture. In recent years, there has been a significant internal migration from big cities toward Çanakkale, with an increasing intensity due to the pandemic. Especially active experts and professionals from the cultural and creative industries are settling, living and working in the city centre or in rural areas. In light of our long years of civil society-oriented experience and know-how in the field of contemporary arts and culture in Çanakkale, we anticipate that these creative individuals will make significant contributions to the development of Çanakkale's potential as a unique city of culture in the Mediterranean cultural ecosystem.
In addition to artists who are professionalised in different art disciplines, creative individuals such as designers, culture and arts managers, translators, producers, directors, editors, academics, who play a role in different stages of contemporary culture and art production with their expertise and skills are the target audience of our project.
The Çanakkale Cultural Actors Network Project starts with a series of research and feasibility studies in the city centre and rural areas in order to make our "new neighbours" who have chosen to live here visible, to communicate with them and to ensure their relations with the local community. With the fallow-up meetings, it is planned to shape a functional communication and cooperation network.
Supported in the framework of Culture and Arts Fund 2022 by Sivil Toplum için Destek Vakfı and Turkey Mozaik Foundation.