Tevfikiye OPET Archeo-Village

01/04/2018 Project in Progress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amYP5pddCWE

Tevfikiye OPET Arkeo-Köy Projects started as of February 2018; Members of CABININ Prof. Rüstem Aslan, Seyhan Boztepe and Deniz Erbaş were the consulting committee for the art and design components of the project. In this project, a story was created within the village based on three main components of Troy. In the first chapter, the characteristics of Troy and its region, its importance throughout the history and the archaeological findings are discussed in the light of the information and findings to date. In the second part, the mythological dimension of Troy starting with the epics of Homer was tried to be reflected in a poetic presentation. In the third and last chapter, Troy's place in the history of archaeology and the history of excavation are discussed. In this section, it is aimed to make the history of Tevfikiye Village intertwined with the excavations in Troy.

The OPET Tevfikiye Arkeo-Köy Art Days activities, which started to be implemented under CABININ art direction in the autumn of 2018, aim to create a sustainable creative interaction ground between Çanakkale city center and Troy, Tevfikiye Arkeo-Köy, and to highlight Tevfikiye Arkeo-Köy as a living cultural area which is identified with Troy in national and international arena.