Unlimited Areas

01/12/2011 31/10/2012

Unlimited Areas
“TANDEM Turkey 2011-2012 – Cultural Managers Exchange Program I”
“Art with Mentally Disabled People” Project between institutions in Paris and Çanakkale

As part of the European Project, TANDEM an opportunity has been generated for a group of adults (carrying mental disability such as; autism, trisomy 21 etc.) and art enthusiasts to participate in an international artistic exchange project between France and Turkey. This project realised workshops of visual and performance art (plastic arts, dance and theatre), that run parallel on a chosen common theme for both, Versailles and Canakkale. The project has been led by two associations: PERSONIMAGES in France and CABININ in Turkey. In these workshops, taught by professional artists, the French and Turkish participants were able to express themselves through different art forms on a specific concept, which is decided together. Therefore, throughout the year, participants had the chance to work together and interactively in these interdisciplinary artistic workshops (through meetings, Skype, internet and our BLOG). The workshops started in December 2011 and run until August 2012; therefore at the end of the year the works realised by French and Turkish participants are exposed to the public through international exhibitions. Furthermore, the performances achieved in dance and theater in Versailles and Canakkale are filmed and screened in arts festivals in France and Turkey.
One other important contribution of the project is that professional educators and artists had various opportunities to share their experiences with each other. The objective of this project is not only to create rewarding and challenging links between French and Turkish participants but also to create an artistic platform for the exchange of international interdisciplinary art projects, including the mentally handicapped. Therefore, the main aim of this project is to develop a creative, enriching and sustainable exchange collaboration, to establish future projects.

Project Team:
Project Manager and Plastics Art Workshops Artist/Educator in France: Ayda-Su NUROGLU
Project Manager in Turkey: Seyhan BOZTEPE
Performance Art Workshops Artist/Educator in France: Anne DJEVELEKOVA
Plastic-Art Workshops Artist/Educators in Turkey: Seyhan BOZTEPE, Erdinc ALNIAK and Serpil VESEK
Performance Art Workshops Artist/Educator in Turkey: Hakan YAVAS
Project Coordinator in France: Marie-Thérèse DEFRETIN
Project Coordinator in Turkey: Ismail ERTEN
Filmmaker in France and Turkey: Esra “Bobbie” G. PERTAN
Production Assistant in France and Turkey: Elâ NUROGLU
Project Assistant in France: Bénédicte De MALEPRADE
Project Assistants in Turkey: Dogan TURKOGLU, Gunes Ece ERTEN
Workshop Coordinator /Paris: Françoise De La FOREST DIVONNE
Workshop Coordinator /Versailles: Isabelle COURAUD
The Project Staff in Turkey: Sukran CORAPCIOGLU, Hasan GULBAY, Deniz KURSAD, Tuncay ALPI, Serdal OZUSAGLAM
Trainees: Valerie LEGRAND and Sylvie LAGACHE
Executive Assistant in Turkey: Didem GUNDOGAN
Consultants n Turkey: Didem CATAL, Savas VESEK
Graphic Design: Serdar Negir
Technical Assistant: Yildirim SAHINER

Supporters of TANDEM Project: European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kultur (Istanbul), Istanbul Bilgi University (Istanbul), Stiftung Mercator (Essen)

Supporters of Unlimited Areas Project: TANDEM Project (Berlin-Istanbul), Mavitay (Canakkale), Akol Hotel (Canakkale), Academy of Dreams-Dusler Akademisi (Istanbul), Governor of Canakkale (Canakkale), Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (Canakkale), TON TV (Canakkale), The Daily Olay (Canakkale), Troia International Film Festival (Canakkale), 3rd Asnieres International Festival “Artists With No Frontiers” (Paris), Association “Artists With No Frontiers” (Paris / Asnières)