Museum Kit for the Museum and the Archaeological Site of Troy Project

15/10/2020 31/12/2021

"Museum Kit for the Museum and the Archaeological Site of Troy Project" realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, Troy Culture Association and Komet Culture and Art Projects, covers a rich content about cultural heritage, Western Anatolian geography, Aegean civilizations culture and history, lifestyles in Western Anatolia, trade, arts and crafts, and museum education.

The Museum Kit Project, carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is a multi-step and long-term educational project that aims to make the contextual and curatorial context of the museum understandable, while transforming the experience of visiting the museum into an active learning process. It aims to contribute to the increase in the number of schools and students who have relations with the museum, to the effective use of museums as an experience/educational area, and to the development of museum awareness. In addition, it also aims to improve the perspective and approach of children and adults to our cultural heritage by increasing the awareness of the cultural and artistic works and history of the geography we live in.

All teachers and students who benefit from the museum kits can comprehensively understand the artifacts or archaeological sites in the museum collections within the framework of their context, and they can perform an active and interactive learning with the entertaining stories and unknown details in the kits.

This project is an experience design that starts the museum experience in the classroom, continues it in the museum, and ensures that the acquired knowledge is consolidated in the classroom. Museum kits consist of information cards that trigger dialogue-based active learning and conceptual thinking skills to improve students' social-emotional skills, and student and teacher contents that include creative activity and game suggestions that reinforce parallel learning.